Full-digital Thermal Imaging system
High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit

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    • ZEUS-400P/200P


    ?Stable & Straightened Output Power
    ?Improved Bipolar Modes for Exquisite Performance
    ?Best Safety with Return Electrode Monitoring System (REM)
    ?User Memory Function for 10 user settings
    ?Various Operation Modes by CUT/COAG & Monopolar/Bipolar

    The Display window enables users toeasily check output values indicated as digits.
    ? Easy Operation by Hand-piece & Foot Switch
     2 Twin Button Handles provide remote-controlfunction. (Select Cutting or Coagulation)
     Foot Switch is available for Cutting andCoagulating.
     Hand Bipolar can be used only by theForceps.
     Two Monopolar outlets(M1, M2) enableusers to use multiple Forceps together.
    ? Theuse of microprocessor ensures the linear property and stability of output.
    ? User Memory Function can save 10 user settings. (Optional)
    ? Input-power frequency for 50Hz or 60Hz is automatically detected.
    ? The last setting information is automatically saved and displayed whenturning on the unit.


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